EsportsGear curates the latest and most popular gaming gear used by the best professional players in the Esports industry.

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What is EsportsGear? pulls together gaming equipment used by popular streamers and esports players to provide a breakdown of the most popular gear in the industry. When purchasing new gaming equipment, gamers tend to see what gear their favourite players are using before making the purchase. Therefore the goal of EsportsGear is to help inform people's purchasing decisions before they go out and buy new gaming equipment.

Why did I build it? is the first project I built using React. I used the static site generator Gatsby to eliminate a lot of the heaving lifting in relation to initial configuration, speed, performance, data consumption via GraphQL, and out-of-the-box Progressive Web App (PWA) support. By doing so, I was able to focus on solidifying the JavaScript knowledge that I had learnt from the various online courses I had recently completed.

What did I learn from building EsportsGear?

As mentioned above, this project was my first React project beyond the online JavaScript and React courses that I had completed. Therefore I was able to practise the following:

  • Data types, objects, arrays, functions
  • DOM manipulation
  • Data consumption using the Contentful API and GraphQL
  • Data flow with props
  • Pure functions and function composition
  • Stateless functional components
  • Lifecycle events
  • ES6 (variable declaration, arrow functions and block scope, destructuring, template literals, promises, etc)